Adoption Funds

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As a way to continue raising the necessary funds to bring Lucia Grace home I have had T-shirts (and a few other accessories such as totes, baby bibs, and baby hats) designed to sell.  My idea was to offer positive designs celebrating the abilities of those who normally are only seen in the light of what they may not be able to do.

The Ability logo design is a great way to advocate for those who are differently-abled by encouraging others to focus on ability rather than disability.

To celebrate the extra-special blessings that children gifted with an extra chromosome bring their families there is the "eXtra-" design line.
 Currently I have "eXtra-adorable" for girls and "eXtra-tough" for boys. The "X" in the design is a chromosome.
 There are a variety of shirts and products available in each design!  You can visit my shop, Ability Apparel & Gifts, here.  All proceeds go toward adoption expenses to bring Lucia home.  Would you please consider making a purchase from my shop and / or sharing this with your friends and social networks?  I need to sell approximately 5,000 items from the shop for my adoption to be fully funded.  Each purchase makes a difference in bringing my daughter home!!  I appreciate each and every person who is willing to come alongside me by making a purchase or spreading the word.  Thank you! 

**All my designs were done by Wendy Van Ryn of Adopted by Design. Thank you so much Wendy!**