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Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Glad for Another Year with Her

Today is my grandmother's birthday.  I am so glad to have another year with her.  I am trying to savor each moment, and not take any of them for granted.  My mother died when I was eleven.  I know the void that loosing someone important leaves.  My grandparents raised my brother, sister, and I after my mom passed away.  And so my grandma is so much more than a grandma to me.  She has been my constant, my rock, my steadfast.

She is the one that has cheered my successes and picked me up when I have fallen.  It was her bed that I slept in for three days in high school when I suffered my first break up.

She walked me down the aisle because it was what I wanted even though it defied convention.  And it was her extra bedroom that I stayed in when my marriage fell apart.

She has nursed me after I had my tonsils out at thirteen and my gallbladder out when I was twenty-three.  She has watched Lucas since he was a baby anytime I have needed her to, and has a special bond with my son.

She has been a supporter of my adoption plans from the very beginning.  I can not wait for my Lucia to meet her great-grandma.  <3 <3 <3!

I love you grandma!  And appreciate all that you are in my life.  You are an amazing woman of grace and strength.  I admire and cherish you.
Love, Tracy