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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lucia's Memory Quilt - Will you be a piece of bringing her home?

I am so excited to share Lucia's Memory Quilt fundraiser with you!  I am having a snowball signature quilt made for Lucia.  Here is a general picture of the type of design I am talking about.

Each snowball patch on the quilt can be sponsored. By sponsoring a patch on Lucia’s memory quilt, you can help to raise the necessary funds to bring her home as well as help to create a priceless keepsake for her to always remember how many people came together to unite her with her forever family.  Each sponsored snowball patch can be personalized by the sponsor.  Personalization can be typed or hand written. Then the personalization will be printed onto the snowball quilt fabric.  There are four levels of personalization to choose from:

$10 sponsorship level = Personal Signature or Family Name
                         (Tracy Morgan or The Morgans or The Morgan Family)

$15 sponsorship level = Signature+Short Message -5 words or less                                       
Some phrase suggestions : “With love,”  “Praying you home!,”   
“We love you!,” “Glad you’re home!,”  “Praying for you,”  
“May God bless you,”or "Welcome home!"

$20 sponsorship level = Signature & Longer 1 Block Message or
                                         Individual Signatures of family members

$30 sponsorship level = Signature+2 Block Message—
This level allows you the space of 2 snowball blocks to write a longer personal message or perhaps share a Bible verse. 

In order to sponsor a patch simply choose your sponsorship level, make a donation via the chip in at the top left of my blog (or let me know if you prefer to mail a check), and then e-mail me at tracyrenata (at) yahoo (dot) com.  I will then e-mail you the snowball patch template and further instructions. 

Will you consider sponsoring a patch on Lucia's Memory Quilt?  I need between 200 and 250 sponsors to complete the quilt.  Each sponsorship is important to help bring my sweet girl home!


  1. This gets me so emotional! I think it's so wonderful what you're doing! I'm So glad I can be a part of this!

  2. Katie, I can NOT thank you enough for making this fund raiser possible!! Thank you for your generosity. <3 -Tracy

  3. Okay - I'm wanting me a piece of that quilt....I want the 20.00 dollar piece and I want NALLE in the middle and the following names around it... ROB JULIA BEN ELIJAH AARON

  4. This is a phenomenal idea! What a great way for donators to it! I donated $15. I would love to hand-sign it.

  5. Donated $10 for 1 square w/ The Ristow Family on it. If you don't put the quilt together before mid Sept. can I donate more and "upgrade" to the $20 square? We are expecting blessing #5 in Sept. and I would like to have all the kids names on our square too. : )


  6. Angie, Thank you so much for your contribution! It made my day today. I will post on here and facebook when I get ready to have the quilt made so that you will know. Congratulations on blessing #5! God bless!