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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting on My Golden Ticket!

No not this kind of golden ticket. ;)  In the adoption world the "golden ticket" is the approval from the U.S. government allowing you to bring an orphan dependent into the country.  I mailed my application to USCIS today.  I have to receive my approval before I can officially submit all my paperwork to Mexico. 

So, now that my part of the paperwork is finished, I am shifting into high gear on the fund raising.  I would love to be fully funded by the end of the summer.  I am hoping that Lucia's Memory Quilt fund raiser will raise the funds necessary for my agency fees.  However, I still need to raise the $8,000 country fee that is due to Mexico when I accept my official referral for Lucia.  I would love to hear your ideas for fund raisers that you think would bring in close to that amount! 

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  1. Hey Tracy, I think the camera fundraiser we had for Vashti Walters (adopting Dillon from Paisley's country)was a huge success.. We made over $3000 in one week, which is good by my standards. Go over to B&H Photo (online) and take a look at the cameras.. they have tons of other electronics so you could do either a camera or a gift certificate equal to the camera's value (like if someone wanted to purchase a lens, or an ipod, or whatever)...anyway...I think the camera is the bomb..look at the Nikons and Canons...let me know if I can know I am always here for you! Love you friend